Are you looking forward for renovating or building a new home and considering about the kinds of doors? Or maybe you want to create a movable partition in the place of some existing wall? Regardless of the reason and requirement, sliding doors from Marvin® are a great option to consider. NSE Windows LLC has a wide assortment of Marvin® Sliding Doors for adding an attractive element to your abode. They will give you a widened entryway which eventually allows more natural light inside your home.

Marvin® Sliding Patio Doors

These outstanding sliding patio doors from a renowned brand Marvin® are stylish with contemporary designs. They are extremely smooth in their operation and has a sill fabricated from ultra-tough Ultrex®. They are highly energy-efficient and use tempered glass for extraordinary insulation. They are available in high-standard and top-quality wood options. They are flawless in complementing any project or home-design.

Specifications of Sliding Patio Doors

  • These doors have a more modern look with 3-inch stiles and rails.
  • The harp-shaped handle looks stylish and offers safety with a two-point lock system.
  • The sill is made from Ultrex® for durability. It stands seasonal changes and operates smoothly.
  • Various design options are available to pick from.
  • They feature an optional top-hung screen which can be adjusted accordingly.
  • They are available in sizes up to 16 feet in width.
  • They are low-maintenance and high-performing doors.

Marvin® Sliding French Doors

Sliding French Doors from Marvin® are designed with space-saving aspect in mind. They are constructed from superior quality material and provide an effortless and smooth operation. They are immensely elegant and efficient in boosting the overall appearance and style of your home. You can choose an exterior casing according to your preference that will enhance the profile and structural integrity of your home.

Features of Sliding French Doors

  • They have a contemporary design with tall bottom rails and wide stiles.
  • They provide safety because of ergonomic handle and two-point multi-lock system.
  • You can choose raised or flat panel for design flexibility.
  • There is a wide array of operating configurations up to 16-foot wide.
  • They feature an extruded aluminum-clad exterior in clad units and all-wood brick casing in wood units and bare wood interior.

Benefits of Marvin® Sliding Doors

  • These doors are ideal for enabling large objects to move in and out of the house.
  • They are seamless in admitting extra natural light and brightness inside the home.
  • Sliding Doors from Marvin are designed as such to create an illusion of extra space.
  • They effectively insulate the home from unwanted external elements.
  • They are efficient in retaining safety and visibility.
  • They add a curb appeal in the overall look of your house.

Who Are We?

NSE Windows LLC is an authorized reseller and installer of these amazing sliding doors from Marvin® in Massapequa on Long Island. Our showroom has an extensive collection of these outstanding and custom-made doors in numerous design and color options. Our team of professionals is highly qualified and experienced in making the entire process of picking and installing a sliding door at your home flawless. We go all-out to guarantee durable and heavy-duty Marvin® Sliding Doors to our customers.


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