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At NSE Windows, we believe that your home deserves the best quality and Craftsmanship! That’s why we’ve partnered with WindsorONE One to be our select choice for trim for your windows however if you would like a different style or to match your existing trim, we can of course do that too!


The first thing you notice when you step into a home is the detail work. Trim shows off the exterior and interior detail work of every home. The builder’s craftsmanship is what gets them noticed and generates referrals. Builders use WindsorONE because every stick of WindsorONE is smooth, straight and comes with an industry leading prime coat. Focusing on detail and craftsmanship is what has made WindsorONE a leader in the interior/exterior trim market since 1972. How many products do you buy that are manufactured in the USA? By buying products made in the USA you are helping to build America by creating US jobs. This is why Raymond Flynn, founder of Windsor Mill, made a decision to manufacture all of the WindsorONE products in the USA. With mills in Surry, VA and Willits, CA you can proudly tell your customers that WindsorONE is locally milled in the USA.

Find out what “no broken eggs” means and how craftsmanship affects your bottom line.

WindsorONE is manufactured in the U.S.A. (in Willits, CA & Surry, VA).


c.1820 – 1840. Based on the ellipse rather than the circle, the Greek Revival style was founded on the principles of classic Greek architecture. This style flourished as American builders, fueled by patriotism, moved away from more traditional English styles.

c.1900 – 1930. The Classical Craftsman Style is inspired by the Arts and Crafts, Bungalow and Prairie movements. These movements rejected Victorian era excesses and embraced the desire to emphasize “man-made” over “machine-made” materials.

c.1920 – 1940. Capturing the spirit of classical details on a smaller scale and the revival of old world styles, the Colonial Revival Style reflects a new interpretation of classical orders with a distinctively American feel.