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Elevate Bay Windows

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Elevate from Marvin Bay Windows

If your room or any other corner of your house has a splendid outside view, then a perfect bay window awaits you to boost the overall architectural look of your place and make use of that sight. These bay windows are particularly intended for maximizing the existing room space and enabling the entry of more light. Elevate from Marvin® Bay Windows are flawless in accentuating outdoor perceptibility and enhancing the brightness of the room inside. The most commendable aspect of these windows lies in its ability to accommodate with any architectural setting. When Elevate from Marvin® Bay Windows are dramatically extended from your home, they add more structural accent to your exterior wall.

Elevate from Marvin® has the most noteworthy bay windows made up of heavy-duty Wood-Ultrex® fiberglass and NSE Windows LLC has makes an effort to give one podium for accessing all of them.


Our Elevate from Marvin® Bay Windows are all set to add more openness and space to your living room or master-bedroom. Three or more windows are joined together at definite and equal angles to form a curve like structure for bringing extra space from outside to the interior of your room.

  • They feature rich pine interior and easy-to-upkeep Ultrex exterior.
  • They combine Casement, Double Hung and Polygons.
  • Bay windows allow the entry of more light in your room.
  • They enlarge your space with the sense of spaciousness.

Exterior and Interior Finish

Our sturdy fiberglass designs in bay windows empower you to uplift your home to a more resilient and buoyant place. They showcase the smoothest and most consistent finish of patented Ultrex®. Elevate from Marvin® Bay Windows have become the first choice of thousands of homeowners for custom-built and magnificent bay windows.

Performance Glass

They are available in tempered and laminated impact glazing choices.

  • Marvin Elevate Collection products feature Low E insulating glass with argon gas.
  • For exceptional energy performance, they are available in tripane insulating glass with argon gas.

Specialty Glass

These are available in various options to meet all your expectations and are appropriate for any kind of project.

  • Available in obscured.
  • It is also available in STC/OITC Upgrade. Their variable thickness glazing will give you the highest sound reduction.

Divided Lites

Elevate from Marvin® Bay Windows feature low maintenance, durable and long-lasting Ultrex® fiberglass construction.

  • Elevate from Marvin® Bay Windows come with Simulated Divide Lites with or without space bar.
  • Two grille patterns ‘Grilles between the Glass’ and ‘Wood Interior Grilles’ are available.
  • Exceptionally stylish and elegant patterns are accessible in eight options- Rectangular, Rectangular 2 wide 2 high, Rectangular 2 wide 1 high, Cottage, Prairie, Prairie 6 Lite, Equal Lite Vertical or Horizontal and Equal Simulated Checkrail.


Elevate from Marvin® Bay Windows are specifically designed for making your home a style statement in the area. Their heavy-duty build will create the style at your home that you have always wanted. Elevate from Marvin® also provides super-functional accessories with them. They accessories include Folding Nailing Fin, Jamb Extensions and Through Jamb Installation.

Hardware and Screens

These bay windows project outward from the main wall and give you a bay like structure within your room for added space. All the Elevate from Marvin® Bay Window Screens deliver consistent performance because of their aluminum surround and charcoal-gray fiberglass mesh. Hardware of Elevate from Marvin® is highly practicable and elegant with exceptional panaches.

High Energy-efficiency

The bay windows come in pioneering models that emphasize on increasing the flow of natural-light into your room. These outwardly protruding window constructions at NSE Windows LLC are available in numerous style and design options. They are outstandingly energy-efficient because of their Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass. An ordinary flat window cannot give you that added space and pristine view of outside which a bay window can give.

Superb Performance

These windows divide the view through different panes and help it accentuate more. From casement to double-hung, NSE Windows LLC has a wide array of Elevate from Marvin® Bay Windows for your home. These windows at Elevate from Marvin® Bay Windows will change the way your space used to feel, look and function. Our products are known for their superiority in excellence and performance.

At NSE Windows LLC, we not only provide you made-to-order and high-performing Elevate from Marvin® Bay Windows but also support you with their exceptional and prolific installation. So, now you can enlarge a space of your room without taking any trouble of enlarging your house altogether with these bay windows.